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Window Cleaning across London

At Blue Knight we pride ourselves on our window cleaning. As a big part in today’s health and safety (working at heights act) we are only allowed to clean windows up to a height of 30 feet using traditional window cleaning methods.


To ensure health and safety we use the revolutionary Tucker pole window cleaning system that negates the need to use ladders and can reach up to heights of 70 feet. 

The system is operated from ground level using graphite poles which are in turn fed with purified water which has been polished using polymers, leaving the windows clean and smear free. This allows the window cleaning operative to be able to carry out his work safely and effectively.

The Tucker Pole system is invaluable when in tight or awkward places where access is restricted and the use of ladders is not possible. All our window cleaners are trained in health & safety and use the correct equipment to carry out their various window cleaning tasks by utilising the Reach and Wash system along with traditional methods.

We currently offer our window cleaning services to both our Residential and Commercial clients. This means from small flats to large office complex's we have the necessary equipment and training to leave your window looking there sparkling best!.