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Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance across London

As a company based on 30 years cleaning expertise, we are able to clean various types of hard flooring. To include Vinyl, wooden, thermoplastic floorings. We alsoare able to clean and dress natural stone floorings such as the likes of marble, limestone, granite etc and composite floorings such as Terrazzo.

We not only will clean and dress your floorings, but will show you if you wish on how to maintain your own flooring. Having your floors cleaned will make for easy floor maintenance and in most cases using a good floor maintainer adding a couple capfuls of floor maintainer to a bucket of warm water and using a mop to wipe the floor. It will not only remove scuff marks but will leave behind a protective film that will repel dirt etc.

Floor Maintenance Program

Having a floor maintenance program in place helps keep and protect your flooring, making for easier cleaning and the need not to keep to striping back and re-dressing the floor. The best way to achieve this is by using a high speed floor buffing machine using in most cases a process called spray burnishing, which will polish the flooring and remove deep scuff marks leaving the flooring in a good clean condition and with an all over lustre look. On wooden and vinyl flooring you can have a choose of finish such as a high gloss finish or a Satin finish.